Free Home Buying Tools for Consumers

There is a wealth of information for home buyers on the Internet. However, trying to understand what is accurate and what is a reliable source is not an easy task.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is Canada’s national housing agency. CMHC exists for a single reason: to make housing affordable for everyone in Canada.


Why does CMHC exist?

This organization provides consumers with home buying tools that you can access for free:

Homebuying calculators

Use the mortgage calculator, affordability calculator and debt service (GDS and TDS) calculator.

Buying guides

Get the information you need to buy a house or condominium in Canada.

Mortgage loan insurance for consumers

Costs, qualification requirements, product options, CMHC Green Home and more.

First-time home buyer incentive

A new program helps to make homeownership more affordable.

Incentives for homebuyers

Learn about the incentives offered by the Government of Canada.


Housing Information for newcomers to Canada.